Medals are collectibles in Creepypasta Land, there are seven in total excluding the Gold Medal, that vary in color, and must be acquired in a certain order. They are necessary to both banish the evil from Creeles Town and to obtain the good ending. If The Protagonist rests before gaining their Holy Power after obtaining and combining all of the Medals into the Gold Medal, it will result in the bad ending. The order in which you must collect them is White-Red-Blue-Green-Purple-Black.

Medal Location Gallery Edit

  • The White Medal is obtained in the back of the player characters storage room at the new house in a chest. It is inscribed "The Truth..."
  • The Red Medal is obtained in the player characters back yard after interacting with the scarecrow. It is inscribed " in..."
  • The Blue Medal is obtained within Samira's shack in the forest, hidden inside a bag farthest to the right. It is inscribed "...your mind..."
  • The Green Medal is obtained by interacting with Tails Prowers grave in the mountains. It is inscribed "...just have..."
  • The Purple Medal is obtained by interacting with the trash can in Sally's room at the theatre. It is inscribed "...the courage..."
  • The Black Medal is obtained in the abandoned house, in a jar to the top right. It is inscribed " face..."
  • The Silver Medal is obtained by confronting Bloo Dee at the end of the abandoned house. It is inscribed "...your fears."
  • The Gold Medal is obtained after you have collected all of the Medals and speak with Blood Dee, automatically removing and combining them all into one in your inventory. It is inscribed "The truth is in your mind, just have the courage to face your fears."